Teach Typing Skills Online

Teach Typing Skills Online with these Free Resources:


If you are looking for fun and entertaining way to learn or to teach typing skills online then the following resources are for you.

1. Typing.com
It's completely online typing tutoring site for children and beginners. Lightweight, fast and accessible from any device connected to Internet. It provides an excellent support and activities for those who want to increase speed and efficiency of typing.
Pros: Free. Fast, efficient, short practice lessons with self-monitoring of progress and badges.
Cons: no sound effects, browser requires flash component to use activities and games.

2. Typing Club (https://www.typingclub.com/)
Pros: Free. Amazing site with multi-purposeful functionality. You don't have to register to use this site, however, with free registration a child or an adult can monitor own progress. Teacher can watch students' progress, speed and accuracy and adjust level of difficulty by customizing lessons. Typing Club is very similar to Typing.com (see above) idea of having free account and to monitor own progress while accessing it online from anywhere in the world and on any device.
Cons: More complicated than typing.com, but totally worth your time managing and organizing it, specially if you are a teacher and need to monitor students progress.

3. Ratatype (https://www.ratatype.com/)
Pros: Free. Users don't have to sign up, however, if they create free account, they can monitor their speed and progress. It is a great tool for setting up group activities for classmates who may play against each other while their progress is reported to the teacher. It's fully online and supports social interaction and help to encourage daily practice.
Cons: It takes some time to figure out settings and to setup class or group.


4. Speed Typing Online (https://www.speedtypingonline.com/)
Pros: Free. Users can track their progress and speed of typing and accuracy if they register (free registration). Fully online. Level of difficulty is increasing gradually. Free typing games are available on site to support learning and building the typing skills.
Cons: Very simple and individual activities only. No interactive component. Many advertisement banners that slows down site on old computers and iPads.

5. Dancing Mat (https://www.dancemattypingguide.com)
Pros: Free. Younger student love this site and its characters, no registration required. Cons: Load time could be slow due to flash and advertisement banners


6. Rapid Typing  - requires users to install Rapid Typing software. Site offer free online typing games (good to practice) https://www.rapidtyping.com/online-typing-games.html
Pros: Free, multi-lingual options, Rapid Typing has simple features that makes it a great choice for new users.
Cons: installation of software, so it's not accessible from different locations.

Teach Typing Skills Online