Google Jamboard with Hangout Meet

Google Jamboard with Hangout Meet is a solid alternative to Zoom Whiteboard for Teletherapy. 

Google Jamboard with Hangout Meet. Therapists' primary teletherapy software Zoom security was compromised. New video conference call tools approved by NYC DOE are Google Hangout Meet and Microsoft Teams. I will review only Google Hangout Meet and its "whiteboard" called Jamboard.

Where is my WhiteBoard?

Hangout Meet does not have a built-in whiteboard, but Google has a second application called Jamboard. It can be used on all platforms and operating systems (Chromebook, Windows, iOS (iMac, iPad, iPhone), Android-powered tablets, and smartphones. You need to install this application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store (your student/parent should install it on their system as well or they will be prompted to download and install the app when you'll share the board with them).

Step by Step instructions:

  1. Download and Install Google Jamboard on your primary computer/iPad

  2. Login into your Google Account (organization account).

  3. Open the Jamboard app and click on the "plus" sign as you do it when you are creating new Google Note or new Google Calendar Event

  4. A new blank Jam is created.

  5. On the left side, you have some tools that you should explore or view the Youtube tutorial for JamBaord (draw, write, shape, add images, drive content, photos from camera, stickers).

  6. Write something (as you see in the images that I attached).


  8. Go to the top right corner and find three vertical dots, click/tap there.

  9. A new menu pops up with a list of options (Share, Add to Starred, Copy Link, Share Jam as PDF, Rename, Remove).

  10. Click Share

  11. Enter the email address of your client (add an optional message) and send.

  12. As soon as your client receives email with link to your Jam they can open it and your will interact in real-time.

If you have any questions or would like to leave your feedback, feel free to use comments box at the bottom of this page.