Developmental milestones from birth to 3 months of age

Fine Motor Skills: How child uses vision to look at things, use of hands, finger and thumbs to pick up and handle small toys and objects.
  1. Grasp reflex (an infant should be able to grasp finger or object placed in baby's open palm (birth to3 months).

Gross Motor Skills: How the child uses the body, arms, legs, hands, head.
  1. Lifts and turns head, although neck cannot support head when pulled to a sitting position (birth to 3 months).

  2. Hands are still fisted, arms flexed (birth to 3 months).

  3. Pushes legs against floor in "stepping" movements when held to floor (birth to 3 months).

  4. May make crawling motions when placed on tummy (birth to 3 months).

Language Skills: Understanding and responding to what others say, use of language, making needs known, oral-motor skills.
  1. Whimpers, squeals, chuckles, gurgle sounds at back of throat (birth to 3 months).

  2.  Attempts to mimic some sounds (birth to 3 months).

  3. Begins cooing (birth to 3 months).

  4. Cries for what he needs, crying becomes differentiated (birth to 3 months).

Social Skills: Expressing feelings, coping skills, getting along with others, behavioral concerns, attention.
  1. Exhibits delight and distress (birth to 3 months).

  2. Enjoys being cuddled (birth to 3 months).

  3. Smiles at faces (birth to 3 months).

  4. Reflexive smile at first and while (birth to 3 months).

  5. Begins to recognize familiar faces (birth to 3 months).

  6. Communicates mainly by crying (birth to 3 months).